3D Genomics Symposia
The 6th International Symposium on 3D Genomics To promote cooperation and exchanges in the field of three-dimensional genomes and showcase the latest research in the field of three-dimensional genomes, the 6th International Symposium on 3D Genomics will be held at Tsinghua University from October 10th-12th, 2019. Three-dimensional genomics is a new field of research that studies the three-dimensional structure of the genome in the nucleus and its transcription, replication, repair and regulation along with genomic sequences and gene structure. As the field of genomics develops, the Human Genome Project and Encyclopedia of DNA Elements and other programs found a large number of unknown genes, especially non-coding genes. Along with hundreds of thousand genes that encodes different regulatory elements. These genes and regulatory elements functions in the three-dimensional nucleus. Studies have shown that the three-dimensional structure of the nucleus is essential to gene expression and regulation. Now, the development of next-generation DNA sequencing technology and chromatin interaction detection technology allowed research on the three-dimensional structure of the genome to entered the genomic and molecular level, this is especially shown in the ability to link the remote regulatory elements to their target genes. This seminar will invite famous experts at home and abroad to make a special report on the latest progress of the three-dimensional genome. The techniques, future research contents and development directions of the three-dimensional genomics research will be discussed. Time and Date Check-in:October 10, 13:00-23:30 Duration:October 11-12 Venue Tsinghua University, Beijing Tel:86-10-62795993 Main Topics 1) Three-dimensional genomics detection technology 2) Computational analysis platform for 3D genomics 3) Microscopic techniques of 3D genomics 4) Visual simulation technology of 3D genomics 5) Application of three-dimensional genomics (human, animal, plant, microbial)