4c 三维基因组学研讨会

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    Three-dimensional genomics (3D genomics) is a new research field, which refers to the study of the three-dimensional structure of the genome in the nucleus and its impact on gene transcription, replication, repair, regulation and other biological functions, with the consideration of the genome sequence and gene structure. Along the progress of genomics development, the representative projects, such as The Human Genome Project and The ENCODE Project (ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements), have sequenced the human genome, found a large number of unknown genes, especially extensive non-coding genes, and found more than hundreds of thousands of different gene regulatory elements. These genes and regulatory elements are conducting their functions within the three-dimensional space of the nucleus. Studies have shown that three-dimensional structure of the genome in the nucleus has an important impact on gene expression and regulation. Now, the development of next-generation DNA sequencing technology and long-range chromatin interaction detection technology make it possible to study the three-dimensional structure of genome at the genomic and molecular level. Especially, the remote regulatory elements can be linked to their target genes.

     This workshop invites leading experts in the field and officers from national research grant management departments, to discuss technologies, application fields and future development of 3D genomics.

    Meeting Notice

Main topics

1) Detection technologies in 3D genomics
2) Computational analysis platform in 3D genomics
3) Microscopy techniques in 3D genomics
4) Visualization technologies in 3D genomics
5) Applications of 3D genomics (humans, animals, plants, microorganisms)


Please make sure that you register the workshop through the workshop website (http://www.3dgenomics.org/)before Aug 31, 2017. There is a flat fee of 600 Yuan for all academic and industry participants and 400 Yuan fee for undergraduate and graduate students. Extra fee of 100 Yuan will be needed for participants after the registration deadline.

Poster Specifications

The poster presentation space available is 90cm wide x 120cm high. Dimensions are for a vertical poster.

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Please return the attending receipt before on Aug 31, 2017.

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